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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 18, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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hate trump media. the most corrupt in the media outlet and tell us why. and your answers right here on this program. all right, the trump media, have a great night. ♪ >> this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" d.c. dysfunction. like so many other before the bombshells, the buzzfeed latest climbing the president directed former attorney michael cohen to lie to congress hit a wall tonight. for much of the past 24 hours, the breathless coverage has sounded like this. >> this is probably one of the most serious pieces of reporting in the two plus years of this
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russia investigation. >> the question of impeachment seems to now be a question of timing. >> this is a very strong argument which impeachment may be a possibility. >> obstruction of justice and congress, right there in the heart of impeachment territory. >> della line to impeachment, michael cohen once again puts another nail in the coffin for the president. >> david: just this morning, the lead reporter on the case was saying this. >> how confident of you that they actually exist that this is true? >> i don't think that we said that we haven't seen them. but i will say that i'm very confident. david: 100%? tonight, special counsel bob mueller's office took the very, very rare step of publicly commenting on the story for the latest details and we are joined by tracy gallagher life in the
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west coast newsroom, tracy. good evening, robert mueller special counsel as you said issued statements about haley's, and an urgency to quickly knock this down saying and i'm quoting here buzzfeed description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding michael cohen's congressional testimony are not accurate. that is critical because buzzfeed literally laid this at the door of the special counsel saying "the special counsel's office learned about directive to lie to congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the trump organization and internal company emails, text messages and cash of other documents." one of the root reporters admitted he never saw alleged documents. but he did say the special counsel is the one who brought this to michael cohen.
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watch it. >> it is hard to see, and we will begin asking questions based off of it. he acknowledged in an interview yes, indeed i was directed by the president. >> tonight buzzfeed is saying quote we stand by the reporting and the sources who informed and we urge the special counsel to make clear what he is disputing. tonight, the editor in chief of buzzfeed was on cnn. listen. >> i do think what they did here is extremely confusing. speak >> confusing in what way? >> to all of us, confusing that a day after stories published they come out with this very detailed and very opaque statement. >> i in the meantime michael kelman commenting that earlier collins legal advisor lonnie davis steering clear of buzzfeed altogether, watch. >> mr. cohen and myself, neither deny nor confirm, we are just not commenting on the story and
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today, another comment. he had nothing to do with the writing of this story. he didn't initiate the story. it was done by independent reporting. so the story stands on its own. >> and buzzfeed has long had credibility issues including multiple accusations of plagiarizing and stealing original content. buzzfeed also published the cooperated an end salacious still dossier labeled unverified smear of president trump. and jason leopold the other reporter who wrote this piece is the same person who back in 2006 wrote that then deputy chief of staff karl rove had been indicted by a grand jury. here is carl. sensational story that proved problematic but jason leopold's name on it, a particularly anonymous sources and strikes me as something that we ought to wait and don't make a judgment about until later. >> even democrats eager to impeach the president had
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qualified their comments earlier saying, if the information is true, which apparently, it is not. in 24 hours after buzzfeed ran the story, nobody, not a single media outlet match the reporting reporting. and now, we know why. david. >> speed to come a great reporting, joining me now wisconsin congressman sean duff, kimberley strassel member of "the wall street journal" editorial and fox contributor ar advisor to barack obama 2008 presidential cam bait -- campaign. david let me go to you this first. this is a track record of problematic reporting and it was the breathless reporting by many on the left, congressman, the pendants today, national security analyst on networks already for impeachment and here we are. what happened? >> david: i would say earlier today i was telling the folks on
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msnbc to slow down. i will say to the friends on fox news to slow down as well. listen, this is a cautionary tale. we have a long way to go to see what robert mueller has and doesn't have. remember the reporting from dan smith, buzzfeed said we will stay tuned. we will report the story but no other independent journalist outlets have been able to cooperate the story so let's see if they are able to do so as we dig deeper. i suspect one of the reasons that the meal or team said something, concerns a little bit more about the sourcing than substance. there was an illusion mueller team talked and quoted in the article may be something not attached to the mueller team. i would make one more point the southern district much more aggressive about what the president did or didn't work versus the team, but this underlines we better wait for the mueller report to come out. that is the pivot point here.
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>> to you, they have not been waiting. reporting the end result and then rarely a refraction. >> laura: i only wish people were waiting. look, i'm still waiting for him shep two years ago who claimed the commedia -- the committee he is on the senate approved prompt engaged in collusion but we've yet to see it. we have reporters out there claiming that michael cohen was in prong even though michael cohen said he had never been there and special counsel documents such as they found no evidence that he ever was. so yeah it would be great of people slow down but look why did everybody jump on this? this is important and the reason people got breathless, there were claims in the story that there were text messages and evidence, something that went beyond michael cohen's word. the belief this was a new bite at the obstruction apple given the whole hope obstruction for
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firing call me doesn't seem to be panning out. so i think that inspired everyone latching onto this but cautionary tale, indeed. why don't we sit tight and wait and see what bob mueller has to say? >> david: that would be a great wish, kimberly and i wish people would wait, by the way the president tweeted about this and sean reacted to this, the president tweeting "remember, totally discredited dossier paid for by cricket hillary clinton and the democrats as opposition research in parentheses in which the entire russia probe is baser journalism, but a great day for our country. sean coming down on the hill and you have seen this play out. respond to the president's tweet. >> day but i don't know a lot of viewers go to buzzfeed to see what's on this website so they run these fallacious articles. and they turned out to not be true, but just as today commit
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david on buzzfeed, your team dogs from this team you will treasure forever. another one, who graced the internet with their presence. a third one, 19 absolutely beautifully poached eggs, i literally want to marry. that is what you get from buzzfeed. and that who cnn, msnbc and all the other outlets are sourcing and running all day long about how donald trump, it is true, will be impeached. the bottom line, the left-wing media left the step because they want to impeach donald trump. they hate his voters. they can't impeach him but what they will do is make sure he doesn't get reelected in 2020. >> kimberly anti-but i will get back to you on president trump but kimberly is buzzfeed about client -- unsourced and unnamed sources? >> kimberley: this is the problem come i think a lot of the journalism industry goes ale way back to even before donald trump came in.
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i think the journalism sector has really lowered the bar on what used to be basic standards. even going sometimes when they would say they are anonymous sources, they would at least say, for instance, what branch they belong to and what department they were talking to. whether or not retired officials they were speaking to or current officials. now we get according to officials, we don't know who, what, where officials at the dmv or officials at the justice department? may be they've been out of politics ten years. we don't know. it really does diminish the ability for people to judge the credibility of stories. one of the important things -- >> david: one of the things they care about, david to kimberly's point, do they care about credibility? >> david: i think people are searching and hungering for credibility, looking where they can get truth and there are examples on the far left and far right if not finding the truth spending. we have to be diligent. this is a rough day for journalism.
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let's see how it plays over the long-term. a call to go higher than standards to double triple checked multiple sources. we have our favorite places to go to get truth. they all have to step up their game. we have to slow down and not celebrate mueller's report and when it comes to bob mueller i don't want to tell them what to do but you can speed up and let's get this thing going here. >> sean request for speeding up reports, request pfizer and there has been activity in washington related to all of this. but yet, we are two years plus into this. >> david: i agree with david, listen, let's get this investigation done and get the report out and have the media pump the brakes a little bit and be a little bit more cautious on the reporting period that would serve the media better and the american people better, but i think the message from what happened today is there will be more fake mainstreaming stories out about donald trump and my fear is bob mueller now doesn't come out and discredit those stories, then left media will
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see -- stacy david, it must be true because bob mueller is discredited and that was the gay moving forward. >> chris cuomo speaking of the media on cnn tonight saying that bob bob mueller did a disservice so where does this go from here? >> sean: that is new criticism on bob mueller. >> david: throwing under the bus and attacking it. >> sean: >> kimberley: here is the highlights that gets to e comments, we need to wrap this up, okay? in my view, a lot of what has happened and special counsel's probe has been very disruptive and problematic. the longer it goes on and democrats in congress, look, that is an fundamental change in dynamics. because i have no doubt when rhys and bob mueller decided he needed to issue a statement is because democrats immediately said that they would investigate this.
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and that is a serious question. so that will continue. every time there was another one of these untold stories, here is the attorney general and he sets the deadline. he doesn't say he will impede. he doesn't say you can't do this or that. but look this needs to be finished by this date. so let's finish this up and move on. >> david: well, we can all hope for that but i don't know if we will ever see it. sean, kimberly, david, thank you. this is just the beginning of the next cycle panel, thank you. i want to drill down on one of the offers in this piece jason leopold. you heard what we played earlier, that he is confident, this bombshell, bombshell report was from buzzfeed who stood by him. jason is one of the best journalist in the world and he has proven it. buzzfeed news, stands by this story 100%. you probably want to walk that
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back down to. buzzfeed wish casting so hard on this story, but before coming out with that statement, they should have checked into his troubled past of making up sources. it goes all the way back to the bush administration in his word then, his problems were so bad, even in the journalism review recognized and respected and wants to accuse leopold of being a fabulous, one of the targets of shoddy reporting for murder george w. bush karl rove sounded off earlier today to my colleague dana perino. >> david: jason leopold ran a story for buzzfeed said i had n indicted by a grand jury and re-created cheerful moment in the oval office in which i told president bush i was about ready to be indicted. said that i told members of the white house staff that i was soon going to be indicted. and all heck broke loose. it was simply not true. there is not an element of truth as to the indictment, grand
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jury, meeting with the president, you name it. >> david: now, here is a guy i trust in media and he's here to break it down for us. media reporter and columnist for the hill, joe, quick bay is what i'm calling it but where does buzzfeed go from this, it's a huge blow or is it a huge blow? speak at six i don't see how they get from the tank count, ag term not only now the special counsel whom never has weighed in on a news report until now, refuting this story, but even i thought about going down this road but given the source buzzfeed appeared to have abused here i walked away from the story. then even "the new york times" said that they were sources tell them that donald trump never instructed, never instructed michael cohen went to live. in this situation. so it is really falling apart at this point. you know what it is for me, david, earlier today and you play the clip before before
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anthony cormier, reported by all accounts telling cnn he didn't see the damning evidence used in this story and then you have jason leopold on msnbc telling holly jackson, no, reid seen the evidence, the tube reporter so it so somebody is lying here, obviously. and now it's all falling apart, look at another hotel as well, law enforcement officials in the story said they are in the fold in an investigation by anthony mccarthy on the carlson show. maybe not the russian investigation but some other investigation but to kimberly's point, we don't know the law enforcement officials are. are they at the top of the ring or outside the loop? we don't know. it is a matter of thing first instead of accurate and treating gossip bit -- gossip as gospel in one of the biggest black eyes and journalism and this remindsa lot of the michael flynn story y
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then "abc news" reporter investigative reporter brian ross using one source saying that donald trump during the campaign had directed flynn to reach out to the russians. brian ross no longer with abc. boy, this feels a lot like that, david. >> david: joe, it keeps repeating out over the years, you have talked about this and we have covered these issues across the spectrum. and it keeps happening. is there a lesson not being learned here, or is this really so badly aligned against donald trump that they will put anything out there knowing that they will feed the beast? >> joe: that is the thing. when these mistakes are made they go one direction, don't they, david come always negative towards this administration. you never see any positive mistakes being made about the trump administration where this president. i will leave you with this. actually surveymonkey, 65% in this poll said that fake news is usually reported because people have an agenda. that is what the american people
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think 2 out of 3 think that fake news reporter because people have an agenda. 3% think it happens by accident. so the public perception of media not just republicans, but the american people in general outside of the partisans, think that news reporters not only making things sloppy but actually have an agenda and are making things up. it is incredible. by the way, david congratulations to you by the wait for having the host despite the benefit of white privilege. that is remarkable but here you're sitting here as a beneficiary. >> david: for the record, joe was one of the first people to hear that story when it happened on my show. i know you got a call from a mutual friend dave. we will see what they do with it, joe, always good to talk to you. >> joe: i will reveal the source, i went to high school with my friend dave. >> david>> david: and now we red properly. [laughter] >> david: we need a laugh in
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this environment, folks. coming up or of words between donald trump and nancy pelosi intensifies. what she accuse the president of. that is next. plus a live report from inside mexico, guatemala and karen van which gaining ground and gaining people with easy access to the country. that and more in this special edition of "the ingraham angle" continues. >> without a strong border america's defenseless and unprotected. coaching means making tough choices.
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gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. >> david: all right, democrats have gone after trump, some ridiculous things. it is fact. you will not believe this observed claim from nancy pelosi after the president pulled the plug on her overseas trip, you know, the one you the taxpayers footing the bill for them. pelosi and the other democrats they decided to fly commercial. plans for that trip were allegedly leaked to the media and pelosi is now blaming the white house. i know you are shocked. yes, the speaker of the house actually accusing the president of the united states president of the united states i'm endangering a group of congressmen. it is unreal. you have got to watch this. >> we have a report from afghanistan that the president
7:24 pm
outing our trip has made the scene on the ground much more dangerous because a signal to the bad actors that are coming. >> to make that type of accusation is outrageous that she would accuse the president of the united states of putting any life in jeopardy. in fact, the reason he didn't want her to go because he is trying to protect american citizens. >> david: all right, joining me national syndicated columnist, and democratic strategist scott levinson. scott, how can pelosi possibly, possibly make this claim without having the evidence to back it up? >> scott: she said she was told by folks that this is the case, but what i'm unclear about, are we not sure the president is being petty or are we not sure he's being unpresidential, both of which he proves every day. or are we not sure he's putting america in harm's way?
7:25 pm
the statements about isis in the previous weeks put americans in harm's way. so he has a habit of speaking off of the cuff in ways that endanger americans. >> david: so is she being a little bit, by her statement? i think what is remarkable no one goes to afghanistan to have a good time. no one goes to afghanistan on a political junket. to frame as though it is taxpayer -- congressional delegates going to learn about what is going on in that canister. that should be what it is respected. >> david: for the record and i think a lot of people in the audience know this, i've been to afghanistan on official trips and i went there 2013. i went through military so i landed in bulk from. she would have landed in, i spent with the team with the team led by general michelle.
7:26 pm
i know the airport but also when you book that many commercial flights, adriana, when you do that, it is public knowledge. there is nothing to leave. people just have to put in their common sense. so tit-for-tat, she is accusing the president of being petty, but this is not information that is being hidden or secure when you book commercial. >> absolutely, steve are you kidding me? do you actually think that american people wouldn't notice high-ranking democrats disappeared during government shutdown? i mean, you've got to be kidding me because people with no -- >> scott: did you know? so clearly. let her finish. >> adriana: this trip, the american people would not have known about it and here is what i know, in fact number one
7:27 pm
responsibility is to the american people is to keep our citizens safe and is not the time for her to be jetting off overseas during a government shutdown. an 800 american workers are not getting paid. she should be securing the border, stop drugs from coming in. >> david: how about the shutdown? >> david: to that point, steve, how do you and they shut down if you don't stay in washington and do the work? but put aside the tit-for-tat and the pettiness or whatever everyone wants to call it, nancy pelosi, a live they are staffers are being paid. the white house employees, a lot of them are already furloughed. so that is the difference going on right there appear the congressmen and senators have their full staff, full budgets, so they are not in washington doing the work while saying they are concerned about the people being furloughed. so how do you reconcile that with her actions? >> scott: ingenuous, the
7:28 pm
president created on the southern border, never in the first place -- >> david: how did he manufacture the crisis? >> scott: because there is no presence on the southern border. it doesn't exist. >> adriana: are you kidding me? >> david: hang on, let me go to adriana on this. the numbers tell a different story. 60,000 people over the last three months and increase significant increase to be brought here. >> scott: all personnel speak to the other border crossings as being more porous than the southern border. why don't we look at dealing with undocumented workers. >> david: let me ask you thi this -- >> scott: the walls don't work -- >> david: if walls don't work, where is the democrat calling for taking down the existing role? then i want to go to adriana. where is the democrat if they don't work, why don't you want to take down the existing wall? >> scott: actually talking about a company that approached immigration a path to citizenship.
7:29 pm
that is what is required and out this demagogue going out on the white house. >> david: i have to get a quick one from adriana so i can wrap this. put aside -- all other issues. >> adriana: it's not a manufactured crisis. i trust our border control and they are telling politicians, we need help. we need the wall. we need to increase security. this is not coming from, you know, out of thin air up at the people on the ground who risk their lives every single day. >> scott: every one of them. >> david: guys come i have to wrap it here. like congress this will not be resolved anytime soon, scott and adrianne i want to thank you and sorry about mixing your name up there. thank you both, panels. i thought sicko was supposed to help stop dangerous migrant caravans before they get to the u.s. border. matter of fact, the prime minister said they were going to do that. well, guess not. take a look at this video.
7:30 pm
1,000 migrants just walking across the border from guatemala into mexico after the gates were left wide open. fox's steve harrigan, with mexico with the latest. steve. >> dave this is what it looks like when a caravan comes to your town about 10 miles over the border in the predawn hours as you explained. that border inexplicably left wide open, a thousand migrants crossing with no check of their documents whatsoever. that situation changed after a short time. documents were being checked. the migrants given wristbands and told they have to wait five days for a visa to mexico. but keep in mind, this border is still wide open for the caravan even after that five-day weight. the president of mexico, lopez has said these people will be treated humanely. when you talk to them really the main goal is not to say here in mexico but to keep going onto
7:31 pm
the u.s. that is where they want to go. when you talk to them, we will get to the u.s. whether legal or illegal. and for many, a sense that they can't go back again. they do not intend to go back. keep in mind, this is the second major caravan. the first 17,000 and this 12,000 spread out. it is not the last one. already as we speak, two more caravans are coming. they are being formed right now in honduras. so while the mexican president said we will treat you humanely, you could get a sense the people of mexico. you see what happens to small towns when suddenly you have a thousand people sweeping on the streets sleeping on the streets, and it will happen again and again in the small mexican towne caravan to march forward to the u.s. border. david back to you. >> david: thanks for that report and now hector guards are -- a border patrol agent and vice president of the natural --
7:32 pm
national border patrol council, hector great to talk to you. what steve just said about what happens in the march to the towns, to the localities. that is rarely covered on this network but they don't talk about the effect of this march on all of the people that pass by in those neighborhoods. >> hector: we have to think of this caravan coming through mexico right now. we have more caravans forming in central america but let's not forget, the caravan coming from south texas. the agents apprehending anywhere from 502,000 illegal aliens coming into the country. we saw a couple of days ago in the sector, three border patrol agents came across 376 illegal aliens that crossed the border over they are so definitely humanitarian crisis causing a lot of problems not only for migrants but for agents and the american public.
7:33 pm
>> hector: -- >> david: something not talked about not only the migrant march but they are going to run into it towards tijuana and already some one to 2,000, the numbers vary, migrants from the last caravan. so this is like the waves splashing up against the border that the president may well clothes or if they go to someplace else, they end up with annunciation, housed and released el paso community. so this issue is continuing to grow. what needs to be done about it now and is mexico going to be any help or will they just passed through as usual? >> hector: so mexico needs to do more on their part in stopping these people from coming through their country like a free pass. you saw the reporter standing in the gates wide open. mexico needs to do something about that and not allow the people to come through the country. and encourage them to come to this country. now, the other thing we talk about physical barriers that we have been calling for for border
7:34 pm
patrol agents. i want to make it clear of these borders are very strategic locations to make sure that we can help the border patrol agents enforce the law and make sure we can stop these type of caravans but also the dangerous drugs. now, these migrants coming to this country because it is clear rapid abuse of immigration system. they know that just to the border agents, they will try to qualify and they will be released into the u.s. unfortunately -- >> david: hector if i compose you and interject. this is an important series of numbers. the $5.7 billion request and all the other things requested in fy 2019 by the administration, immigration, judges all the things you have asked for, in your report to the president to congress, it includes what needs to be done about the process for these migrants when they cross over into the u.s. illegally. so is that being done? are we handling the flow and the flood or do we need an immediate
7:35 pm
surge? >> hector: so that a national crisis, that we are seeing on the border, our agents undermanned and we don't have the resources to care for these people. the flow is not stopping. there are changes that need to be done on the congressional level, but think about it we can't get our government open it. how can we expect congress to poll immigration loophole the are exploiting? the congressional leaders need to get their act together to make sure we stop this. we need to stop and encouraging illegal immigration and serious about border security. >> david: we certainly need to do that, hector garza great to see you again and keep your voice out there. we need your expertise and the president by the way will make a major announcement tomorrow 3:00 p.m. on border security. so we will keep you updated on that right here on the channel. stay right here. up next tony perkins and congressman mike kelly from pennsylvania third district. they joined me to react to the will fortunes and march for
7:36 pm
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♪ >> it has to be righteous. >> today i signed a letter to
7:40 pm
congress, protection of human life. i will issue a veto. >> david: tens of thousands marching today at the nation's capital. they are they are to protest 1974 supreme court roe vs. wade decision advocating for women to choose life, not abortion. but this is how the liberal media framed today's event. "the washington post" headline saying and i quote, march for life, pro-science, despite medical consensus favoring abortion access. here now to react, the president of the family resource council, tony perkins and my good friend the congressman from the third district, gentlemen, great to see you both. tony, first to you, by the way, the march, the longest running march in washington successful. americans have a belief come a right to exercise it.
7:41 pm
they do so peacefully. and yet, they are attacked for their beliefs. >> tony: well, david i'm glad you didn't get your numbers from the media. i was there and tens of thousands people. at the media reported i think over a thousand people. it was tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people and you are right it has been going on 46 years, 45 years as people show up for the marches. and it is a message that we want to see the court reigned in when it comes to the issue of life but more than that. it is a march to change the hearts and minds of people, which i would say we have seen tremendous progress in the last 46 years. in fact, i believe very soon, we will see america once again being a predominantly pro-life nation, and despite what they say, science is on our side. >> david: well, the headlines have been a bit disjointed, mike, because it isn't one
7:42 pm
reference to the other. you were there. we talked about this earlier on my radio show. your observations. >> mike: my observations, you know, so many people that we watch for many causes. i would suggest that somebody or anybody who has never been to the march for life, if you want to see stark contrast between p, people who have so much peace and love in their hearts, if you were to say that group and i'm with mr. perkins, hundreds of thousands there and we talked about it earlier undercounted, unreported. if you look at the faces of people coming to washington not in anger and not in hate but you and hope that can reverse a decision. it happened so long ago and we keep saying my goodness in the united states of america 2500 to 3,000 abortions every day, we recoil in a time we hear of it does -- and around the world or loss of life. but we watch it happen and it's okay because supreme court said
7:43 pm
it was okay. but i've got to tell you, it is the faces of those people that you see, all age ranges, by the way, i was in mass this morning and so good to sit there among a group of people who were there for the same reason. and that was pro-life. b1 all right, so gentlemen, we have the women's march coming up. to make a mallory one of the organizers, this is a march that has fallen apart after the obvious, the public images of the sworn relationship and mallory, by the way, let's watch what she had to say when she was taken to the task. >> i call him the greatest of all times. i didn't call him the greatest of all times because of his rhetoric but i called him the greatest of all time because of what is done in the black community. >> david: by the way, that is the reaction you want to call the statement about one of the
7:44 pm
most hateful people in america right to advocate for the cause, the women's march has been violent and it has been vital and yet, they are falling apart in the march for life visit. be to you are right and as mike was saying i was there at the ah earlier and have been there the last 15 years, the march for life but unfortunately one time i got caught up in the women's march. i wasn't there intentionally, but i will tell you there is a spark contrast. stark contrast in the marches and the behavior but really underlying ideas. as mike was sagging, we are marching for life, hope, love. and they were criticizing today because of the embracing of science. and science does underscore the potential and the presence of human life. and the left, they are mocking that come up at the left treats the science like a smorgasbord where they can pick and choose what they want.
7:45 pm
when it comes to babies and bathrooms they reject science flat out. >> david: mike, we've only got a few seconds left, my friend. a message to the folks out there for you. >> mike: i would say look at the stark difference between the people and who comes to washington for what reasons they come to washington. there is an incredible passion for life in this country. there were always has been. david come after the march left the capital today, there were note trash barrels or upsets. nothing on fire, no windows broken or doors torn off the hinges. it was a coming together of people who love life. what better to personification of america than that pursuit of life and happiness? it is so much who we are. you just wonder -- >> david: might come i have to pause you they are, thank my friend. >> mike: thank you. >> tony: thank you. >> david: thank you so much. coming up, it's not just the
7:46 pm
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>> david>> coming into the deml and african-americans facing democratic party. i'm not sure it's time to dominate a white man. >> is it time to have a woman, but as a white guy come are you trying to calculate whether or not this is the right time? for you? >> david: it is a nagging issue that it is completely enveloped the democratic party. quite frankly the media apparatus. can you be white or even worse come a white mail and win the nomination? the obsession took on a whole new level of absurdity with the publishing of this piece from cnn political reporter neo monique henderson, beto's excellent adventure trips with white male privilege. here now with reaction, the communications director of turn and point usa and d dog, a
7:51 pm
former georgia state legislature and democratic strategists, ladies let's get into it and by the way, apparently this week i am the newest and white privilege thanks to areva marvin, the close confidant and friend, campus week covered something stellar to this where we are impulse narratives on fox nation, but this is identity politics on steroids, isn't it? absolutely and i like to challenge myself and switch the word black-and-white. and some would say it's discriminatory -- discriminatory but the black man discuss the same as white men discussed today this nation would be up in arms and another civil war, no question about that. but i think impartial with what the left has become an every election cycle, imaginary enemy, this bogeyman and the election cycle a police officer. we are seeing they will continue this push to attack white men
7:52 pm
and people not thinking about the issues plain and simple. >> david: so are the democrats and democratic party leadership doing any favors, beto, white is he being attacked for who he is? >> i say because america historically has basically had white men at the helm of all politics. and i think when you talk about identity policy, we can't just look at race but gender. we know the democratic party, however, historically minorities have been discriminated against and not just the democratic party. and also the republican party. 115th congress you have only one african-american serving in the united states senate and that is a republican. we only have two in the democratic side but still -- >> david: who sets the requirements for this? you have one of the most powerful groups in politics involved called the congressional black caucus. they are almost protective class
7:53 pm
in washington. they have a lot of power, wilson, sheila jackson lee maxine waters, the list goes on. you have a new generation and gloria booker and others. is it really about victimization and victimhood and a quick one from you but then i want to go to kansas. >> with victimization but about looking like america. the democratic party look like america and the republican party does not. the republican party needs an internal discussion within themselves to make our party look like america. >> david: okay, so candace, do we have to look like the right mix? 17% hispanic, 12% black -- >> candace: no. >> david: who sets the standards? isn't it about qualifications? what you are capable of, what your skill sets are and how you serve your community regardless of which party you come from? >> candace: that is exactly right. look, here is what the left want
7:54 pm
you to believe. they want you to think diversity everybody looking differently but thinking the same. the only true diversity is intellectual and there is none nonetheless. but they are in lockstep. i find it a little bit strange when you encounter a black woman like who brought us to the kkk, absolutely no progress has been accomplished. the fact they've had our vote the last six decades. they stand up here ample place to tell the left will help the black race in some regard. that is dishonest. but here's the thing -- >> nia-malika: the white man -- >> candace: they know that despite the rhetoric. no, they did not the democrats brought the kkk. >> nia-malika: have you ever seen a black man -- >> david: ladies, nobody can hear you if you are talking over each other. ladies, timeouts, timeouts, timeout ladies. timeout.
7:55 pm
timeout. the come i did not cut you off. >> david: candace, and you finish your thought. >> candace: certainly i would like to. every -- everybody understands black history and at the helm of any racist in this country democrats are full of it. now they are trying to see the narrative to make us see how we should be afraid of republicans were afraid of the principles when in fact, the most progress we have had the last few decades has been under president donald trump. we will see in 2020 more black americans will stand behind him and are tired of this fearmongering rhetoric. >> david: candace i have to pause you because i need to get to d but i'm sorry a short response, go ahead. >> nia-malika: i'm just saying that black man has never been in a type of black person bent ahead of the kkk and candles, even this big party at the white house this year >> david: d, that is ridiculous. ladies, this is actually over
7:56 pm
because we are not advancing the conversation at all. we will be right back. chicken?! chicken.
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>> david: it is time for the last fight. liberals have a huge problem with toxic masculinity. both do they actually know what it means? >> how would you define toxic masculinity as a term in your own words? >> toxic masculinity i would define as -- i don't really know. >> i guess maybe i would just
8:00 pm
say guys being expected to behave a certain way. >> david: that is all the time we have for tonight. it is quick. thank you for watching the special edition of "the ingraham angle." i'm david and for laura and catch me poor reality check. >> we began with fox news alert. and otherwise very secretive special counsel. tonight taking on claims from buzzfeed, president trump pulled former lawyer to life to congress, stick around the late breaking news plus a promise of a big announcement on the southern border from the president. he will be light from the white house tomorrow and all month-long partial government shutdown. a speculation grows about what plans he will unveil, hello welcome to fox news i'm shannon bream, washington and write to tracy gallagher digging in for the news push back and good, tracy. good evening fox new


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